The must visit place of the holy city  Maa Belha Devi Dham junction in Pratapgarh

Maa Belha Devi temple, one of the oldest temples in the Pratapgarh district of Uttar Pradesh, is dedicated to the goddess Belha, the local incarnation of the Devi (mother Goddess).  The name of the city Bela or Pratapgarh is derived from Maa Belha Devi.  On this, now the name of the station is read as Maa Belha Devi Dham junction.

 Mata Belha Devi Temple at Pratapgarh is a symbol of the Hindu culture and faith. The shrine is located on the bank of Sai river is an epitome of age old tradition of Shakti worship in northern India. Belha Devi being the abode of Lord Shiva and his consort ’shakti’ became centre of shakti worship. However, the present temple which stands a witness to the exciting past of the Pratapgarh region is about two hundred years old.